Are My Feet Getting Bigger?



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I got an email from a woman who was concerned that her feet had started growing again — and she wanted to know if that was even possible. Well, actually, that's not really possible. Once your growth plates close, which happens in your teen years, your feet can't grow any more. 


What this woman was experiencing was some looseness in the ligaments that hold the bones together in her foot. This is something that happens as part of the aging process, and as that occurs, your feet may get a little longer and a little wider — but it's just because the bones are sagging some. So, the woman's feet weren't growing. 


But, what's important to take away from this is that if you do notice your shoes are getting tighter, it might be because your foot is starting to spread out, and you should start wearing a slightly larger shoe, to make sure it fits properly. 


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