Bothered by Bunions? Part 2 of 3

One of the questions we hear a lot about bunion surgery is the question, "How much will it hurt?" This is often due to having seen a family member or friend go through a painful recovery period following bunion surgery, so naturally people have concerns.

Because bunion surgery can be painful, I determined a number of years ago that we needed to develop a better pain management protocol for our patients, to minimize their post-surgical pain. So, I set about to do just that. The result of that work is that our patients at The Foot & Ankle Center are now able to have bunion surgery with much less pain than they expected. In fact, we often hear how pleased patients are after they discover that the pain was much less than they imagined, thanks to our unique approach to pain management.

I'm not aware of any other clinic in the area that uses a pain management protocol like ours. We use a multi-step protocol to manage pain after bunion surgery, starting with the right medications and ending with a special type of dressing and padding that we apply to the foot. We've been offering our unique pain management solution to bunion patients for a number of years now, with good results.

If you'd like to learn more about our unique approach to managing pain after bunion surgery, or more about bunion surgery in general, give us a call at 804-320-FOOT, request an appointment for a consultation, or come to one of the free bunion seminars we offer at our clinic from time to time.



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