Bothered by Bunions? Part 3 of 3

One question we get sometimes is whether surgery is the only treatment for bunions. The answer depends on what you hope to accomplish. If you want to actually correct the bunion, then surgery is likely going to be your best option. But, if you're just looking to make the bunion less symptomatic so you can go about your daily activities without pain — or, if you just want to be able to put off having surgery until a later time, then there are non-surgical treatments that may help to ease the symptoms.

We can sometimes treat symptoms of a bunion using non-surgical methods, such as an oral anti-inflammatory medication or a small steroid injection into the bunion, if it's really inflamed. One simple thing people with bunions can do to increase their comfort is to simply wear properly fitting shoes. Since a bunion is basically a bump on the side of your foot, you need a shoe that is not going to be pressing against it. For a mild bunion, sometimes we'll fabricate a custom-made orthotic, or shoe insert. We make these right here in our clinic, and they can be worn in the shoe to support the foot in a manner that reduces pressure on the bunion.

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