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By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
January 26, 2015
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The construction is complete! In this video, Dr. Waskin takes you on a tour of the all-new Foot & Ankle Center, which has grown to become Richmond's largest, most comprehensive foot care center under one roof.

The first thing you'll notice when you enter is our new, larger waiting room. We still have a little more decorating to do in here, but it looks pretty good.

Right off the waiting room is our new, expanded medical-grade spa. For those of you who visited our previous spa, you can see the new one is larger. We have now have four massage pedicure chairs, a staff of highly trained pedicurists, and our spa is absolutely clean. So, if you're looking for a medical-grade pedicure or manicure where you don't have to worry about germs and infection, you may want to visit us.

Next door to the spa is our Foot Shop. This is where you can buy useful foot care products conveniently, so you don't have to run around town looking for these products. We carry lots of different pads and shoe inserts, diabetic socks and regular socks. And, as part of our extensive diabetic foot care program, and we offer a wide variety of diabetic shoes.

We also have a dedicated room for creating custom shoe inserts and custom bracing, and a new physical therapy area. Our staff includes a full-time pedorthist. A pedorthist is someone who has gone to school specifically to study medical shoe fitting, custom shoe inserts and foot bracing.

Our clinic has nine patient exam / treatment rooms. Each room is equipped with a TV monitor to provide patients with customized educational information to help them learn about their particular foot problem. Providing education to our patients is a high priority at The Foot & Ankle Center.

We also have a specialized digital X-ray room for taking pictures of the foot and ankle. These pictures are developed in 30 seconds, and we can bring the images up to review on any computer in our clinic area.

In the middle of our clinic area is our new nurses' station, which has been expanded so there's more room for our nursing staff to do their work now.

Our surgery area has been renovated as well. We have a Joint Commission accredited surgical suite; to date we're the only podiatry clinic in the state of Virginia that has this accreditation.

So, if you have a foot problem, and you'd like to come to one of the more advanced foot care clinics in the country, we'd love to see you. Request an appointment online or call 804-320-FOOT.


By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
January 10, 2015
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The Foot & Ankle Center is the only podiatry clinic in the state of Virginia that has a Joint Commission accredited operating room right on the premises. The Joint Commission, or Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, provides rigorous examination and accreditation for hospitals all over the U.S. You could say they oversee the quality of healthcare in this country.


There are other accreditation standards that a clinic could choose to get, that are easier to achieve than Joint Commission accreditation, but we chose not to go that way. We chose to use the Gold Standard, which is Joint Commission accreditation. While it may be harder to achieve; it demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality of care to our patients.

Want to learn more about our clinic, or have a foot problem? Give us a call at 804-320-FOOT, or request an appointment online.