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November 15, 2016
Category: Diabetic Foot Care
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The Foot & Ankle Center is having their second “Selfie Footie” campaign to raise awareness and money for the American Diabetes Association. Dr. Waskin was on 12News to talk about it recently.

How can a “Selfie Footie” help stomp out diabetes? For the entire month of November, which is National Diabetes Awareness month, people are encouraged to take a picture of their feet and post it on The Foot & Ankle Center’s Facebook page. For each Selfie Footie posted during November, the practice will donate $5 to the American Diabetes Association — up to $2,500. And, to make things interesting, the Selfie Footie on their Facebook page with the most “Likes” by noon each Friday during November will be the winner of a free pedicure in the practice’s onsite medical-grade nail spa ($50 value). In a tie, the first one posted will win. See contest rules.

Dr. Waskin and the other podiatrists at The Foot & Ankle have a special interest in diabetic foot care, because they treat so many patients with diabetic foot problems. In fact, foot problems are the top reason that diabetics are hospitalized. If not caught and detected early, diabetic foot problems can develop into serious, even life-threatening problems, sometimes leading to amputations. But a simple, painless, diabetic foot exam once a year can lower a patient’s risk by 85 percent, by catching foot problems early and treating them before they become much worse.

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