By The Foot & Ankle Center
January 29, 2017



In this video, Dr. Waskin discusses an amazing new laser treatment for foot and ankle pain with WRIC’s Amy Lacey on ABC-8 News. With concerns about opioid addiction, more doctors are looking for ways to treat pain that don’t involve prescription drugs. The Foot & Ankle Center is the first clinic in the Richmond area to offer MLS Laser therapy for “pill-free” foot pain relief. In this segment, a patient who had suffered debilitating foot pain explained that before her laser treatment, she could not even wear shoes without pain. She was thinking about having surgery when she heard about the new laser treatment and contacted The Foot & Ankle Center. After having MLS Laser therapy, she described the treatment as “an answer to my prayers.”

According to Dr. Waskin, about 80 percent of patients who have the MLS laser treatment get about 80 percent relief from their pain. He uses the laser to treat sprains, strains, arthritis, morton’s neuroma and other types of severe foot and ankle pain. MLS Laser therapy decreases the need for narcotics, stimulates circulation in the foot, speeds healing and relieves pain by decreasing inflammation and swelling. “The results can be very fast,” said Waskin, adding that some patients will have their very first treatment, and 10 minutes later they will stand up and walk and state they can already feel a difference. “It doesn’t happen with everyone, but it’s not the least unusual.”

A series of six laser treatments over two weeks is recommended for acute conditions, with a maximum of 10 treatments.

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