By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
October 30, 2015
Category: Diabetic Foot Care
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Show us your Selfie Footie and help stomp out diabetes

Have you posted your "Selfie Footie" on our Facebook page yet? We've just launched a fundraising effort in honor of National Diabetes Month, and when you post a picture of your feet on our Facebook page, we'll give $5 to the American Diabetes Association — up to $2,500 — for the entire month of November. If you post five pictures of your feet, we'll give $25. If you post 20 pictures of your feet, we'll give $100! So, get out your phone or camera and start snapping Selfie Footies! To post them on our Facebook page, just look for a post on our timeline that says "Show us your Selfie Footie!" In the comments section, click the little camera icon in the comments field to upload your Selfie Footie as a comment.

And here's the kicker: if your Selfie Footie has the most "Likes" by noon on Friday, you'll win a free pedicure in our medical-grade spa! (Tie breaker will be the one posted FIRST.) We'll have a winner each week in November. See contest rules.

Please invite all your friends to post their Selfie Footie photos on our Facebook page as well. Remember, the more Selfie Footies posted on our page, the more money we'll raise for the American Diabetes Association.

We'll be hosting a free event at our clinic on Nov. 19: "What Every Diabetic Should Know About Feet." Space is limited, so register for the seminar to reserve your seat.

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