By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
August 30, 2014
Category: Our Clinic
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For those of you who've been to the Foot & Ankle Center before, you probably recognize our entrance. Well, pretty soon, we'll have a new entrance just a few steps down from the old one, where we're renovating new space to expand our clinic. In fact, we'll be doubling our space to provide even better patient care.

As you walk inside the new, expanded clinic, you'll see a much larger waiting area for patients, and a larger business office. We're also building a new, larger medical grade spa where you can get clean manicures and pedicures. Our spa is so clean that doctors over at the cancer hospital will actually send patients undergoing chemotherapy over here to get manicures and pedicures.

As you go down the hall, you'll see our expanded pedorthic services area for custom shoes, custom foot and ankle bracing, plus a retail area where you'll be able to find foot-related medical supplies that are difficult to find other places. There will also be new space for physical therapy, and our entire clinic area will be renovated and expanded. You'll be able to find all the services you need for foot and ankle care under one roof.  

We look forward to seeing you in the new, expanded Foot & Ankle Center, the only place in Richmond where you can get comprehensive foot and ankle care in just one location.


Good terminology
By Karen
September 02, 2014
The idea of "clean" manicures and pedicures will help patients feel safe. Great phrase to use!
No more steps to navigate with crutches
By Judy Syverson
September 03, 2014
A beautiful new clinic with fantastic space