By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
October 01, 2016
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The Foot & Ankle Center, located on the campus of Johnston Willis Hospital, is Richmond’s most comprehensive clinic for foot & ankle problems. Dr. Waskin recorded this video tour to give you a tour of the clinic, and give you an idea of the many services we provide.

The tour starts in our front lobby and waiting area. We stop at the check-in counter, then walk back into the clinical area. This is where we have our patient exam rooms. Down the hall is a room where we have our digital imaging equipment, designed especially for providing X-ray and ultrasound images of the feet. Then, we walk around the corner, where we see a nurses’ station on the left, and more patient exam rooms on the right. In our patient exam rooms, patients can watch educational videos on various foot topics. In one patient exam room, we have our digital ultrasound that allows us to see the inside of your foot without the use of X-ray.

We offer advanced laser treatments in our clinic. The MLS Laser provides instant pain relief for many patients suffering from foot and ankle pain. We’re the first clinic in Richmond to offer this treatment. We’re also the clinic that brought laser treatment of toenail fungus to the Richmond area, so we’ve introduced a number of new laser treatments to the region.

There are other services we offer here at The Foot & Ankle Center that you may not find at other podiatry practices. For example, on-site physical therapy. Our full-time physical therapist works with patients right here in our clinic, to help them increase their strength and mobility. We also have a full-time pedorthist on staff. A pedorthist is a professional who specializes in shoes and orthotics, or shoe inserts. Our pedorthist fits patients with custom inserts, and can even provide inserts for specific types of shoes – everything from a dress pump to a sports or walking shoe. And speaking of shoes, our pedorthist can also help our patients who need specialty shoes. We have probably the largest selection of diabetic shoes you’ll find, with a huge variety of styles. This is so important, because if you have diabetes, wearing the right kind of shoes is critical to your health. Besides shoes, we also have diabetic socks and other foot products here, for our patients’ convenience.

The last stop on our tour is The Foot & Hand Spa, Richmond’s first, most experienced medical-grade spa for the hands and feet. If you enjoy having a professional manicure and pedicure, but worry about germs and infection, you’ll be glad to know – we follow the same rigorous sterilization protocols as a hospital. We even offer specialty pedicures for diabetics, people undergoing chemotherapy and people with arthritis -- and doctors who treat those patients often send them here to have their nails done, because preventing infection is so important for those patients. We also offer the Keryflex pedicure for people with toenail fungus; this is a specialty pedicure that completely covers up a damaged, fungal toenail and makes it look normal in minutes.

When it comes to foot and ankle care, we’ve got just about everything you need right here under one roof. If you have any questions about our services, or want to make an appointment, just give us a call at 804-320-FOOT, or request an appointment online.

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