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By The Foot & Ankle Center
September 13, 2017
Category: Nail Care
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Guys need pedicures too - Save 10 bucks

There are some crazy myths out there about guys and pedicures.
Let's set the record straight (then scroll down to save $10):

  • Myth #1: “Pedicures are for girls.” We’re not sure how this got started, but everyone needs healthy feet — men and women! A professional pedicure in a clean environment is a great way to help keep your feet fit.
  • Myth #2: “Cutting my nails is no big deal.” Actually, how you cut your nails is very important. Cutting them too short or missing little pieces at the edges can lead to painful ingrown toenails. (And if you happen to be diabetic or undergoing chemotherapy, cutting your nails takes on even more importance, because of the risk of infection.) 
  • Myth #3: “Getting a pedicure is uncomfortable.” On the contrary. You’ll relax in a deluxe massaging recliner while your feet soak in a warm, soothing bath. An expert technician will gently trim and file your toenails, remove excess skin from your feet, exfoliate and massage your legs and feet with a sugar-crystal scrub and massage them with a moisturizing lotion, finishing with a buff. Some men may even opt for our reflexology pedicure for more relaxation and revitalization. A pedicure is a great way to relieve stress and take it easy for a while.
  • Myth #4: “Pedicures are only cosmetic.” This is completely inaccurate — there’s an important health component to taking care of your feet and nails. Many men have rough, dry, calloused feet, which can crack and become infected. Foot problems can cause problems with the way you walk, leading to hip, knee and back pain. Also, making sure your feet are clean, exfoliated and moisturized can help prevent bacteria from breeding. This is especially important if you shower or walk barefoot in your gym’s locker room.
  • Myth #5: “I’ll be the only guy in the nail spa.” Don’t be so sure. You'd be surprised how many men visit our medical-grade nail spa on a regular basis. Certainly, some are prodded by the women in their lives, but many march in here on their own because they consider keeping their feet and nails healthy an important part of their overall fitness.

Save 10 bucks

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Come in by Oct. 31, 2017 and SAVE $10 on an Essential Pedicure (normally $50). Just fill out the Appointment Request form below and enter the code “Guys Save $10” in the box where you’re asked to describe the nature of your appointment (or call 804-320-4322 and mention this deal).

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By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
June 27, 2015
Category: Nail Care
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Arthritis Pedicure

Is there a pedicure especially for people with arthritis? At the medical-grade spa located here inside The Foot & Ankle Center, we offer a variety of manicure and pedicure options, including several types of specialty pedicures for clients with various health issues. These include a pedicure for diabetics, as well as a pedicure for chemotherapy patients. Another type of specialty pedicure we offer is the Arthritis Pedicure.

Our clients who are struggling with joint pain may benefit from an Arthritis Pedicure. We start with our standard Essential Pedicure, and then we add an extended massage that gently puts joints through their full range of motion to decrease stiffness. Your feet are then placed into a warm, deep-heating paraffin dip to increase circulation and joint mobility.

Having a regular Arthritis Pedicure can help relieve stress on the joints and decrease arthritis pain. Clients who have the Arthritis Pedicure also receive a bottle of Biofreeze® to help maintain joint comfort between pedicures.

See all our Manicure & Pedicure Options, or click the button below to make an appointment:

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By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
June 13, 2015
Category: Nail Care
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Chemo Pedicure

For many people, having a professional manicure and pedicure is simply a nice, relaxing way to treat yourself. But if you're a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, choosing where to get your nails done can be a serious matter. Because chemo patients have a compromised immune system, they have to be extra cautious about preventing germs and infection. This is one very important reason that I opened the Foot & Hand Spa here inside The Foot & Ankle Center, on the campus of Johnston-Willis Hospital. This gives everyone — including cancer patients — a beautiful, comfortable place to have their nails done. And, it's absolutely clean; in fact our spa follows the same cleanliness standards as a hospital.

As a medical-grade nail spa, we emphasize overall foot health as well as aesthetics. We have only licensed nail technicians who understand the anatomy of the foot, diseases of the skin and nails, and the potential side effects of cancer treatments. Clients can rest easy, knowing that one of our board certified podiatrists is also available, if needed.

So, what's a pedicure like in our medical-grade spa, for a cancer patient? Our Chemotherapy Pedicures may vary slightly depending on the type of chemotherapy agent the patient is receiving, and how long ago the last treatment was. But a typical Chemotherapy Pedicure might go something like this: We'll start with a relaxing soak in a warm whirlpool bath with Tea Tree oil (which has natural antifungal properties) to soften and hydrate your skin. Then, we'll very gently push back the cuticles with an orangewood stick to decrease the chance of breaking the skin, and file and remove any dry, dead skin. We'll gently exfoliate your legs and feet, apply a mask to help hold in moisture, and then provide a relaxing, hydrating gentle massage to increase circulation and lock in moisture and nutrients. We'll finish with a buff or polish from our extensive selection of colors.

With our hospital-clean medical-grade nail spa, even cancer patients going through chemo can relax and treat themselves to a pampering pedicure. We also offer specialty pedicures for diabetics, for people with arthritis -- and for anyone who is concerned about cleanliness!

See all our Manicure & Pedicure Options, or click the button below to make an appointment:

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By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
April 24, 2015
Category: Diabetic Foot Care
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People with diabetes are at greater risk for developing a foot ulceration or infection, which could lead to amputation if it becomes severe. In fact, foot problems are the number one complication that put diabetics in the hospital each year.

Because diabetics have to be so careful about keeping their feet healthy and preventing infection, proper nail care takes on a whole new level of importance for them. This is one very important reason that I opened the Foot & Hand Spa here inside The Foot & Ankle Center, on the campus of Johnston-Willis Hospital. This gives everyone — including diabetics — a beautiful, comfortable place to have their nails done. And, it's absolutely clean; in fact our spa follows the same cleanliness standards as a hospital.

A specialty Diabetic Pedicure is a good choice for patients who have their diabetes under control and do not have severe peripheral arterial disease. Here in our medical-grade nail spa, all of our nail technicians are licensed professionals who understand the anatomy of the foot, diseases of the skin and nails, and the complications associated with diabetes. If you come to us for a Diabetic Pedicure, your nail technician will check your feet carefully for open wounds, pressure spots, infections or other signs that may indicate a problem. And, a board certified podiatrist is always nearby if your technician finds anything that requires medical attention.

Our Diabetic Pedicure is extra gentle, and our nail technicians use instruments that are less likely to damage the skin. Also, since diabetes tends to dry out the skin, which increases the chance of infection, our Diabetic Pedicure incorporates foot masks and hydrating lotions to make the skin as soft and supple as possible.

You can help prevent diabetic foot complications by paying attention to proper foot care. A Diabetic Pedicure in our hospital-clean, medical-grade nail spa can be an important part of preventive foot care for diabetics. To schedule yours, give us a call or request an appointment online.

Our next "Diabetes & Your Feet" seminar is coming up soon, and we invite you to join us if you or a loved one are living with diabetes. I'll talk about proper care for diabetic feet and how you can lower your risk for amputation by up to 85 percent, and will be happy to answer your questions after the presentation.

The event is free, but space is limited, so be sure to register for the seminar to reserve your seat!

Free Seminar: Diabetes & Your Feet

Thursday, May 14, 2015, 5:45 - 7 p.m.
At The Foot & Ankle Center

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We look forward to seeing you there!


By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
April 01, 2015
Category: Toenail Fungus
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It was a bit of a rough winter here in the Richmond area, but spring is officially here, and some of you are  breaking out your warm-weather footwear. But for others, warm weather is a frustrating reminder that you have to hide your feet because of ugly toenail fungus that won't go away.

Toenail fungus is a more common problem than you might think, and it can be tough to get rid of. We've treated patients who finally came to us after years of trying to clear it up using home remedies, topical treatments or medications. Unfortunately, the home remedies and topical treatments don't usually work very well, and the medications may have the risk of side effects.

So, what's the solution? At The Foot & Ankle Center, we have the area's first FDA-approved laser for treating toenail fungus, and we've seen remarkable results, even in stubborn cases. There's absolutely no down-time, and the treatment only takes about 20 minutes. The only problem is, once the laser has killed the fungus, which is good — you still have to wait for the old, fungal nail to grow out as your new, clear nail grows in to take its place, and that can take months. But that doesn't mean you can't have great looking nails right now!

We offer, at the medical-grade spa inside our clinic, a special treatment that can instantly transform an ugly, fungal nail into what looks like a perfectly normal nail. It's called Keryflex. Keryflex is a resin that our nail technicians put over the old, fungal toenail, making it look like a normal, healthy nail. You can get a pedicure and polish your Keryflex nail, just like you would your other nails, and it looks great.

If you'd like to learn more about laser treatment of toenail fungus, request an appointment. Or, attend our free seminar on April 23, and you'll be eligible for a free laser consultation (a $154 value):

Free Seminar: Goodbye, Ugly Toenail Fungus!

Thursday, April 23, 2015, 5:45 - 7 p.m.
At The Foot & Ankle Center
Attendees can get a free laser consultation.

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