Join the Club to Kick Nail Fungus

Laser-Plus Club for Treatment of Toenail Fungus

Limited Time Offer: Had it with antifungal treatments that promise results but don't work? Our Laser-Plus antifungal club is a four-month program in which patients receive the most powerful combination of treatments available, saving more than $480 compared to what each treatment would cost individually. Membership includes:

  • FREE Initial Podiatrist Consultation - a $249 value.

  • FOUR Laser Treatments - laser is one of the most effective ways to clear up nail fungus, even when other treatments have failed.

  • FOUR Antifungal Pedicures - using tea tree oil and antifungal products to pamper and protect from infection. While you’re enjoying your pedicure, we’ll also sterilize up to two pairs of your shoes!

  • ShoeZap® - your own ultraviolet shoe sanitizer to kill germs, bacteria and fungus that could be lurking in your shoes at home!

  • Quality Antifungal Topicals for your skin and nails.

Limited Time Only

Registration for the Laser-Plus Club is only available through 9/28/18. To sign up, just complete and submit the form below to request your initial consultation. Questions? Give us a call at 804-320-FOOT (3668). We look forward to hearing from you!