Dr. Waskin on CBS-6: Selfie Footies for Diabetes



Dr. Mitchell Waskin joined Bill Bevins and Greg McQuade on Virginia This Morning to talk about how a “Selfie Footie” can help stomp out diabetes. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and for the second year in a row, Dr. Waskin and his podiatry practice, The Foot & Ankle Center, are raising awareness and money to fight this disease with their Selfie Footie campaign.

How it works: For the entire month of November, people are invited to take a “selfie” of their feet, with or without shoes, maybe with silly socks or a fancy pedicure — any kind of picture of their feet — and post it on The Foot & Ankle Center’s Facebook page. For each Selfie Footie posted on their page during November, they’ll give $5 to the American Diabetes Association, up to $2,500.

As a bonus, the Selfie Footie on their Facebook page with the most “Likes” by noon each Friday in November wins a free pedicure in the practice’s onsite medical-grade nail spa (a $50 value). In a tie, the one posted first wins. See Contest Rules.

Why does a podiatry practice care so much about diabetes? Because foot problems are the number one problem that puts diabetics in the hospital, and many of those foot problems, if left untreated, can become life-threatening and lead to amputation. The good news is that a simple, painless, once-a-year diabetic foot exam can lower a patient's risk by 85 percent. Dr. Waskin urges every diabetic to have a comprehensive, diabetic foot exam every year, without fail. It’s a test that can save people’s feet, and even their lives.

If you’d like to help raise awareness and dollars to fight diabetes, please visit our Facebook page and post a picture of your feet as a comment on the “Show Us Your Selfie Footie” post. Post as many Selfie Footies as you like — each one is worth another $5 for the American Diabetes Association!

And, if you’re diabetic and haven’t had your annual diabetic foot exam yet, please request an appointment:

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