Can You Put a Price on Your Health?


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I always find this interesting: What is it worth to people to be healthy? Would you pay $5,000 a year to have an 85 percent decrease in your chance of having an amputation (and being dead from that amputation within five years after that)? How about if it was $1,000 — would you pay $1,000 to help keep yourself alive longer? Or, even $500? What is your health worth to you? 


Well, here's an easy one, folks. You can have an 85 percent reduction in your risk of amputation (and of dying within five years after that amputation) — just by coming and doing this 30-minute exam that your insurance company is going to pay for. 


Every time I give one of my diabetes seminars, as I look at the eyes of people sitting in the room, I can almost tell what people are thinking. Everyone's thinking, it is really stupid not to come and get this exam — once a year! 


An annual Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam could save your feet, and maybe even your life. 


For more information about having an annual comprehensive diabetic foot exam, give us a call at 804-320-FOOT (804-320-3668), or check out the links below. Please help us spread the word about this simple but lifesaving exam — If you know someone who has diabetes, please share this post with them using the social sharing icons at the bottom of this page.