Is There a Non-surgical Treatment for Heel Pain?

Heel Pain

If you're one of the many people who suffer from heel spurs or heel pain — also known as plantar fasciitis — you may be wondering what options you have for getting some relief. Some heel pain sufferers may put off getting help because they think any effective treatment would have to involve surgery. The truth is that in most cases, you don't need surgery to get rid of heel pain.

Here at The Foot & Ankle Center, we have a 95 percent success rate in treating plantar fasciitis with non-surgical methods. Some of the ways we treat heel pain include stretching exercises we can teach you to do, cold therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. We may provide a splint for you to wear at night to keep the ligament stretched out. We can also fit you with a foot orthotic that you can slip into your shoe to support your foot and keep it in proper alignment, to prevent any further damage to your plantar fascia. And, we modify our own custom orthotics right here in our clinic, to ensure the highest quality and a proper fit.

So, these are some of the highly effective, non-surgical means that we use to treat heel pain. There are, of course, some situations where surgery is needed, but these cases are in the minority. Chances are we can treat your heel pain successfully without surgery, so you can start walking in comfort again.

If you've been suffering with heel pain, I encourage you to contact us — take the first step and make an appointment today.


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