MLS Laser Therapy: Is the Effect Long Lasting?



This animated video from MLS Laser Technologies addresses a common question patients ask about this effective treatment for pain.

For most patients, the positive effect of MLS Laser Therapy is long-lasting. While each person and each condition varies, we’ve found that 85 to 90 percent of all patients receive tremendous relief from their pain and inflammation when they go through a series of MLS Laser Therapy treatments. While most patients may not need additional treatments in the future, some conditions like arthritis are degenerative. The great thing about the MLS laser therapy for arthritic patients is that once you feel better, you can be more active and this increased activity may help to minimize the long-term effects of arthritis. Even so, you may need an occasional single MLS treatment every four to six weeks over the course of the year, just to hold the inflammation at bay and keep arthritic pain in check. One of our podiatrists will be happy to discuss what treatment schedule will be best for you, and if MLS laser therapy would benefit you. Request a consultation today:

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