New Laser Relieves Foot, Ankle and Heel Pain


Advanced Pain Management with MLS Laser Therapy

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We are very excited here at The Foot & Ankle Center, because our patients now have access to a new, advanced treatment for pain, called MLS Laser Therapy. In fact, we're the first in the Richmond area to offer it.

The MLS Laser uses light to transfer energy to tissue. It relieves pain, promotes healing and reduces inflammation. It's being used to treat pain from plantar fasciitis (the most common cause of heel pain), as well as sprains, tendonitis, diabetic foot pain and more. The treatment itself is painless, and typically lasts about eight minutes. The average course of treatment is six to 10 laser sessions, and many patients have significant results after just one to three treatments.

MLS Laser Therapy is giving new hope to patients, providing rapid and impressive results for many. In fact, it's been so effective in providing dramatic pain relief, that doctors around the country are using words like "revolutionary" and "amazing" to describe it.

If you've been suffering from pain in your heels, ankles or feet, talk to us about MLS Laser Therapy.

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