New Medical-Grade Nail Spa is Now Open


You may have heard that The Foot & Ankle Center is expanding! I’m sitting here in our brand new, beautiful, medical-grade nail spa.

The new spa is twice the size of our old spa. We’ve doubled the number of pedicure chairs, to four, which will make it much easier to get an appointment in our spa, which has been very busy.

Just like our previous spa, this new spa is medical grade, following the same rigorous sterilization practices as a hospital. Our cleanliness is what makes us different.

The truth is, most nail spas are notorious for being places where you can pick up germs or fungal infections. But, our medical-grade spa is so clean that doctors over at the hospital often refer patients to us who are diabetic or undergoing chemotherapy, because for them preventing infection is especially important.

If you liked our previous spa, we think you’re going to LOVE the new spa. Our nail technicians cannot wait to show it to you in person. If you’d like to make an appointment, give us a call at 804-320-FOOT, request an appointment online or contact us.