The Pedicure for Arthritis

Arthritis Pedicure

Is there a pedicure especially for people with arthritis? At the medical-grade spa located here inside The Foot & Ankle Center, we offer a variety of manicure and pedicure options, including several types of specialty pedicures for clients with various health issues. These include a pedicure for diabetics, as well as a pedicure for chemotherapy patients. Another type of specialty pedicure we offer is the Arthritis Pedicure.

Our clients who are struggling with joint pain may benefit from an Arthritis Pedicure. We start with our standard Essential Pedicure, and then we add an extended massage that gently puts joints through their full range of motion to decrease stiffness. Your feet are then placed into a warm, deep-heating paraffin dip to increase circulation and joint mobility.

Having a regular Arthritis Pedicure can help relieve stress on the joints and decrease arthritis pain. Clients who have the Arthritis Pedicure also receive a bottle of Biofreeze® to help maintain joint comfort between pedicures.

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