Why Choose Us for Your Laser Treatment?





I'm often asked, why come to the Foot & Ankle Center for laser treatment of your nail fungus? Well, here are a few good reasons.

We were the region's first clinic to have an FDA-approved laser for treating toenail fungus, and we've been doing it longer than most. We were one of the early adopters in the country and have been doing this for several years. We've done thousands of procedures, without a single complication.

We also have advanced technology here at the Foot & Ankle Center. We're the only clinic regionally that has both the Pinpointe and Cutera laser technology. I'm also one of just 12 doctors nationwide who's been asked to sit on an advisory panel for the Cutera laser company.

Convenience is important to people. We're located right on the campus of JW Hospital, with lots of parking right in front of the clinic.

We also have this new treatment called Keryflex, which can cosmetically make your nails look beautiful, just like perfectly normal nails, in about 20 minutes.

Take the first step todayrequest an appointment for a consultation. For more information, check out the links below.