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April 02, 2018
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Top Docs 2018Heel Pain

It’s that time of year again, when Richmond Magazine publishes their annual “Top Docs” edition, and we all get to see which doctors other doctors rank most highly. We’re excited to announce that our very own Dr. Mitchell Waskin has made the list of Richmond’s top podiatrists again! In fact, this is the ninth year the Foot & Ankle Center has made the Top Docs list. Dr. Waskin is deeply honored, and he would like to thank all the area physicians who voted for him!

While it’s wonderful to receive this type of recognition from our peers, we know that our patients have many things to consider besides awards when choosing the best foot doctor for their needs. Many people like to check online reviews such as Google and HealthGrades. Another important consideration when researching podiatry clinics is the range of services provided. The Foot & Ankle Center at Johnston-Willis Hospital is now the area’s largest, most comprehensive foot clinic, and as part of Foot & Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic, we have access to one of the largest groups of podiatry specialists in the nation. We’re also the only local clinic that offers on-site physical therapy, a fall prevention and balance program and a medical-grade nail spa, all conveniently located on our premises.

If you have any sort of foot issue, we invite you to get in touch. Our podiatrists, Dr. Waskin, Dr. Mount and Dr. Pica are all welcoming new patients, and we would love to hear from you.


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By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
January 15, 2018
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As we begin a new year, we have lots of exciting news to share with you about what we can offer you here at The Foot & Ankle Center. Here are a few recent highlights.

Dr. Mount and Dr. Pica Have Joined Our Medical Staff


Dr. Alexander Mount - Podiatrist

Dr. Alexander Mount has specialties in adult and pediatric reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, and in treating severe deformities of the foot and ankle, including Charcot foot in diabetic patients. Dr. Mount is Board Certified in Foot Surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He is currently accepting new patients of all ages! 


Dr. Robert Pica - Board Certified PodiatristDr. Robert Pica came on board in December 2017. He has vast experience in all areas of podiatric medicine and surgery, and is double Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery and Wound Management by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and the American Board of Wound Management. Dr. Pica recently moved his practice to Richmond, and he’s now welcoming new patients.


We've Expanded Our Services


Expanded Physical Therapy Services - We’re the only podiatry practice in the area to offer on-site, full-time physical therapy to our patients, and we now have two experienced physical therapists on staff to help you build strength, improve your balance and prevent falls.


Fall Prevention and Balance Program - Developed by our physical therapists and podiatrists, this program is unlike anything else currently offered in Richmond. We start with a comprehensive examination and develop a detailed, customized plan for each patient to help them reduce their risk of falling.


Expanded Orthotics and Shoe Fitting Services - We now have both a certified pedorthist and a certified shoe fitter on staff, who are experts at everything related to shoes, insoles and orthotics. They’re also available to help people with diabetes and others who require specialty shoes, and we have a large selection of stylish, specialty shoes right here in our in-house shoe shop.

We Welcome Your Feedback


Patient Advocate - If you should ever have any questions about our clinic or concerns about your podiatric care, we encourage you to contact our Patient Advocate, Sharon Watson, at 804-320-FOOT (3668). Sharon is here to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Our goal for our patients is 100 percent satisfaction all the time, and we always welcome any feedback you may have.


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By The Foot & Ankle Center
November 11, 2017
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Podiatrist Mitchell Waskin and Physical Therapist Stephanie Sultzer joined Bill Bevins on Virginia This Morning on CBS6.


Every second of every day in the United States, an older adult falls. This is the number one cause of death from injury among older Americans. Stephanie Sultzer and Dr. Waskin joined Bill Bevins to talk about it on Virginia This Morning.


Keeping one’s balance involves a combination of things working together: inner ear function, vision, the ability to feel with one’s feet on the ground, muscle strength, flexibility and more. Balance therapy can help patients reduce their risk of falling, but it’s important that they continue to follow the therapist’s instructions, even after therapy sessions have ended, to maintain their results.


The podiatrists and physical therapists at The Foot & Ankle center have developed a comprehensive Fall Prevention & Balance program, in which we work with patients to improve their balance. We also address environmental factors in the home, behavioral risk factors, footwear, assistive devices, nutrition and water intake, which all factor into balance. Our program also includes following through with patients after therapy. We call and talk to them personally, ask if they have any questions, if they need new exercises, new directions, or if they need to come in for another consultation. We can also connect them with a local gym to help them maintain their results.


Maintaining balance and preventing falls is a lifelong challenge that increases with age. The Foot & Ankle Center’s Fall Prevention & Balance Program can help patients of any age improve and maintain their balance. For more information, please give us a call, or use the link below to request an appointment.


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By The Foot & Ankle Center
September 13, 2017
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Guys need pedicures too - Save 10 bucks

There are some crazy myths out there about guys and pedicures.
Let's set the record straight (then scroll down to save $10):

  • Myth #1: “Pedicures are for girls.” We’re not sure how this got started, but everyone needs healthy feet — men and women! A professional pedicure in a clean environment is a great way to help keep your feet fit.
  • Myth #2: “Cutting my nails is no big deal.” Actually, how you cut your nails is very important. Cutting them too short or missing little pieces at the edges can lead to painful ingrown toenails. (And if you happen to be diabetic or undergoing chemotherapy, cutting your nails takes on even more importance, because of the risk of infection.) 
  • Myth #3: “Getting a pedicure is uncomfortable.” On the contrary. You’ll relax in a deluxe massaging recliner while your feet soak in a warm, soothing bath. An expert technician will gently trim and file your toenails, remove excess skin from your feet, exfoliate and massage your legs and feet with a sugar-crystal scrub and massage them with a moisturizing lotion, finishing with a buff. Some men may even opt for our reflexology pedicure for more relaxation and revitalization. A pedicure is a great way to relieve stress and take it easy for a while.
  • Myth #4: “Pedicures are only cosmetic.” This is completely inaccurate — there’s an important health component to taking care of your feet and nails. Many men have rough, dry, calloused feet, which can crack and become infected. Foot problems can cause problems with the way you walk, leading to hip, knee and back pain. Also, making sure your feet are clean, exfoliated and moisturized can help prevent bacteria from breeding. This is especially important if you shower or walk barefoot in your gym’s locker room.
  • Myth #5: “I’ll be the only guy in the nail spa.” Don’t be so sure. You'd be surprised how many men visit our medical-grade nail spa on a regular basis. Certainly, some are prodded by the women in their lives, but many march in here on their own because they consider keeping their feet and nails healthy an important part of their overall fitness.

Save 10 bucks

Still Need Motivation? Here's $10.

Come in by Oct. 31, 2017 and SAVE $10 on an Essential Pedicure (normally $50). Just fill out the Appointment Request form below and enter the code “Guys Save $10” in the box where you’re asked to describe the nature of your appointment (or call 804-320-4322 and mention this deal).

By Dr. Mitchell Waskin
August 19, 2017
Category: Nail Care

ingrown toenail treatment

In two previous blog posts, I discussed prevention of ingrown toenails and a home treatment that may provide some relief (for people who are otherwise in good health). However, if you currently have an ingrown toenail, there are some situations in which you should absolutely see a podiatrist and not attempt to treat it yourself.

You should see a podiatrist about an ingrown toenail if …

  • You see drainage, excessive redness or signs of infection,
  • You have severe pain,
  • You've tried a home remedy and it didn't work, or
  • You have diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or other circulatory disorders (if you have any of these conditions, you should see a podiatrist immediately, at the first sign of an ingrown toenail, to avoid serious complications.)

What can a podiatrist do to treat your ingrown toenail?

An experienced podiatrist can properly diagnose and determine the most effective treatment for your ingrown toenail. At The Foot & Ankle Center, our podiatrists routinely treat ingrown toenails. In many cases, we'll apply a numbing agent to your foot and remove the ingrown portion of the nail. We may also prescribe medication to treat any infection that has occurred. Some people have a chronic problem with a particular toenail that keeps becoming ingrown; in those cases there is a procedure we can do that will permanently prevent ingrown toenails. We can also advise you on ways to prevent ingrown toenails in the future, including proper nail care and shoes that fit well.

If you've been suffering with ingrown toenails, please know that we've been able to help many others who've had the same painful problem. I encourage you to make an appointment today, and see how we can help you.

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