Diabetic Shoe Program

Diabetes, Shoes & Your Feet
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Diabetes, Shoes & Your Feet

What does diabetes have to do with shoes?

A lot. Every week, more than 1,500 Americans have a portion of their foot, or even their entire leg, amputated because of complications related to diabetes. One of the most common side effects of diabetes is the loss of feeling and circulation in the feet. If you have even a mild foot deformity, such as a bunion or contracted toe, it can cause your feet to rub against your shoes, resulting in foot ulcers and serious infection, which could lead to amputation of the foot or leg. In fact, wearing ill-fitting shoes is the most frequent cause of foot problems leading to amputation.

If you have diabetes, properly fitted shoes are vital.

Improper shoes are the most common cause of amputations in the at-risk diabetic foot. Properly fitted shoes can help avert skin breakdown, foot ulceration and infection associated with diabetes, and help prevent existing foot conditions from worsening. The right shoes also provide essential support and reduce the chance of amputation and other foot problems.

We have a certified pedorthist (footwear specialist) on staff.

At The Foot & Ankle Center, our experienced pedorthist carefully evaluates and measures patients’ feet and recommends the right footwear. We offer therapeutic shoes from major manufacturers, such as New Balance, Hush Puppies and Rockport. They are available in a variety of widths and can accommodate a custom insert, if needed. The models we’ve selected provide the extra depth and design considerations you need to help prevent diabetic foot complications without sacrificing a fashionable look. If the patient has a significant foot deformity, we’ll make a mold of the foot and create custom shoes.

Will insurance pay for diabetic shoes?

Medicare and almost all major insurance companies include diabetic shoes and diabetic insoles as a covered benefit. The staff at the Foot & Ankle Center will gladly contact your insurance company to find out if you have this coverage.If you do not have coverage for diabetic shoes, we will work out an easy and affordable payment plan. The risk of ulceration and infection is significant. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your foot health. Make an appointment today!